About Holender Ventures

Holender Ventures was founded in 2001, and since that time it is engaged in providing incorporation, administrative and managerial services for the Dutch entities of international clients. We currently administer and manage companies engaged in a wide array of activities (IT companies, real-estate groups, companies engaged in international commerce, etc.). Our client base varies from privately held companies to companies publicly traded on European bourses and American stock exchanges. We are experienced and proficient in providing all services which the Dutch companies of such client require, from the initial stage of incorporation and following with providing ongoing office, secretarial, administrative and management services, as well as overseeing and coordinating the bookkeeping, payroll administration, audit and tax filings of the companies.

Amsterdam Registered Office

Our international team of experienced professionals is dedicated in providing you with the best service possible and more than able to face the challenges involved with establishing and managing your business activities in the Netherlands. Coming from corporate and legal backgrounds our professionals are proficient in understand your business needs and providing you with efficient and excellent support. We strongly believe in developing a good relationship with our clients that enables us to think together and act pro-actively. With this approach we reach the most favourable results for each individual client and have established a dependable administrative foundation for our clients in the Netherlands.

Serving as your office away from home, our team is proficient in the management and daily administration of all types of business, in an efficient, prompt and professional manner.