Reliable Local Presence

Holender Ventures provides directorship and corporate legal services to international companies with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, supporting our clients with everyday assistance and advise and ensuring their companies’ compliance with the requirements and legislation of the Netherlands.

Our services are performed by experienced lawyers at very competitive hourly rates.

Directors You can Trust

Holender Ventures specializes in general corporate legal services such as:

  • Advising and coordinating as “in-house lawyers”.
  • Participating in board meetings and committee meetings.
  • Convening and taking the minutes of shareholders’ and board meetings.
  • Filing annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Maintaining corporate records.
  • Preparation of all required resolutions at shareholders’ and board meetings. Assistance with the incorporation or establishment of your legal entity.
  • Handling the transfer, issue and/or merger of shares.
  • Assistance with all issues relating to the Articles of Association.
  • Drafting, executing and legalizing various other corporate documents and agreements.
  • Assistance with dissolution and subsequent liquidation.
  • Drafting and issuing proxies.
  • The coordination of the timely preparation and filing of financial statements and tax returns.
  • Coordination of employment issues, including, but not limited to, wages and permits.